Mobilizing funds for the ecosystem

Overcoming complex challenges demands collective intelligence.
Solutions are not predetermined but, emerge from an ecosystem coordinated by real-time data. We are mobilizing funds for this ecosystem.
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We have grown a thriving ecosystem

We still have a long way to go

Our current 'Google maps' for learning covers a small fraction of what's available, we still have much more to map out.
what we have mapped

An Engine for Systemic Change

Learn more about how this ecosystem, the tools we have built, and the research and science behind it, is an engine for systemic change.

Solutions Emerge in Complex Local Contexts


In Gooru’s Center for Navigated Learning, ideas are generated through research.
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Navigator as a Learning Exchange is where the ideas are validated and practiced.
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It’s in the Navigated Learning Collaborative these ideas?are recombined, localized, and improved to suite unique contexts
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No matter who you are

K-12 Learner
K-12 learner

Navigating through grade 8 Math

A Refugee
A Refugee

Without access to schools or teachers

A Professional
A Professional

Training to become an electrician

A Student
A Student

In a prestigious institution, with tutors for any subject

Navigator works for you.

A Thriving Ecosystem

At Gooru, we are mobilizing funding for the ecosystem. It is in the best interest of our shared mission that the ecosystem is thriving because it is they that drive success, and with our unique business model this becomes possible. Research and Federal Grants fund innovation, the NLC-Fund that we mobilize will enable collaborators to migrate their practices to Navigated Learning. And A $1 / active-learner per year fee, funds operations costs of training, support, maintenance, and hosting.
Grants fund Innovation
NLC-Fund enables Adoption
$1 / learner funds operations

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