Center for Navigated Learning

The Center for Navigated Learning uses a research-to-practice cycle to drive the development of Navigator so that it is backed by research and informed by practice.

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The Center for Navigated Learning is a research collaborative. Gooru coordinates research across neuroscience, cognitive science, learning science, data science, and computer science with the Center for Navigated Learning (CNL). CNL uses big-data with AI to operationalize the science of learning. Experts from other sectors have made a compelling case that research that influences practice often begins in practice settings and through observations of the unexpected, can generate new ideas and theories. Exposure to routine practice also provides opportunities to identify ways in which research knowledge can be crafted into improvements in practice. Also, problems of practice do not know disciplinary boundaries. Tackling those problems effectively requires a practice context in which researchers with a variety of areas of expertise can work collaboratively to solve problems.

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